Who we are

Artlaw.online is an online resource for lawyers, specialists in cultural heritage fields, art market professionals and everyone concerned with:

- tangible and intangible cultural heritage as a legacy of our ancestors, our collective memory and peoples' identities;

- art objects in terms of their commercial value and circulation on the market.


For the purpose of this site we particularly focus on the legal issues, primarily in Scandinavian and Baltic countries, and do make comparative analysis with regulation of certain aspects in the other parts of the world. However, we believe that you will find valuable also general opinions/interviews of market practitioners and those in cultural heritage field with due care selected for Artlaw.online.


The debut of this site is the initiative of Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia) and a highlight of the collaboration of 8 Universities of Nordic and Baltic States:

- University of Oslo (Norway)

- Gothenburg University (Sweden)

- Stockholm University (Sweden)

- Tallinn University (Estonia);

- Latvian University (Latvia);

- Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia);

- Vilnius University (Lithuania);

- International School of Law and Business (Lithuania).


Contributors herein are practising professionals (lawyers, dealers, bankers, tax consultants, etc.) and academic experts in the cultural heritage field. In selecting the the publishable materials we concentrate on making our application-oriented content as helpful as possible!


We are thankful to senior officers of CIMO and Nordplus Higher Education programme, which supported this initiative and granted seed funding for the site.