Due to various reasons, overall knowledge in art and cultural heritage law of our society is underdeveloped. Political, historical, economical peculiarities of evolvement of Eastern part of Nordic-Baltic region after 1990-s account for art and cultural heritage law to being left aside.


What we are currently witnessing is an illicit outflow of archaeological artefacts, permanently growing amount of auctions of different levels, tendency to diversify assets, etc. Each of these unrelated processes creates the demand for respective level of competence of the officials in the law enforcement sector, market practitioners, lawyers and all others involved in the world of cultural property.


With artlaw.online we want to meet four main targets:

  1.           To introduce the readers with the existing legal regulation;
  2.           To crystallize out insufficiencies, if any, and think together on possible solutions;
  3.           To raise discussions on challenging issues;
  4.           To create a one-stop platform for exchange of opinions/expertise in this fascinating and very broad sphere of law. And life!