Catalogue of Endangered Latvian Archaeological Artefacts

24 Dec, 2016 News

The catalogue is designed to aid in the identification of those Latvian archaeological artefacts, which are more frequently acquired illegally, illegally traded and exported outside the territory of Latvia.

Why is this important: the amount of grave and hill-diggers is permanently growing. The first and only punishment – compulsory labour in the amount of 160 hours without deprivation of property – was introduced in December 2015 to three illegal diggers in Aluksne parish. The punishment is negligeable in comparison with the caused destruction and, what is much more important, with the lost arhaeological context. Huge amount of burial-ground is illegally digged-up for the commercal purpose every year. The obtained artefacts are later illegally exported and illegally traded outside the country on private, public sales, as well as just Ebay.

The catalogue might help you in order not to become a link in a chain of illegal actions, not to become a victim of them and just to understand the scope of illeal outflow of Latvian archaeological artefacts.

Target audience: Latvian and foreign traders, buyers and collectors of cultural objects, law enforcement agencies, museums and other  organizations working in the cultural sector, non-governmental organizations,  universities and schools,  individuals interested in history, as well as international organizations, tourists and other possible audiences.

Developers of the catalogue:

- Andris Kairišs, Invited researcher of the Latvian Academy of Culture, project manager,

- Alise Šulte, National History Museum of Latvia, Keeper of collections,

- Sandra Zirne, Head of Archaeology and History division of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection,

- Egita Lūsēna, Specialist of Archaeology and History division of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection,

- prof. Dr. Juris Tālivaldis Urtāns, Leading researcher of the Scientific research centre of the Latvian Academy of Culture


Please find the full catalogue in Latvian, English and Russian in the Materials section!