Consultation on rules on the import of cultural goods: share your view!

05 Jan, 2017 News

According to the information on the site of European Commission it seeks the views of all interested parties on the adoption of customs rules governing the import of cultural goods in the territory of the EU. This includes contributions from citizens, companies, NGOs, academics, public authorities, international organisations, etc.

The measures aim to protect cultural heritage, fight illicit trafficking, prevent terrorist factions from acquiring income through cultural goods sales and promote legal trade in cultural goods in the EU and worldwide. It also aims to empower EU customs to seize illegal shipments and increase knowledge and traceability of cultural goods that come through the EU external border. Lastly, it will endeavour to ensure that seized goods are safely stored until they can be returned and will promote international co-operation in safeguarding world heritage.

All the information and questionnaire can be assessed here:

In order to ensure a fair and transparent consultation process, only responses received through our online questionnaire will be taken into account.


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