Cultural Heritage and Art Law: Seminar No.1 for Practitioners

25 Dec, 2016 News

Riga Graduate School of Law is organizing one day training course “Cultural heritage and art law: seminar no.1 for practitioners” on 26th January 2017. The course is to be 7 academic hours long.

Four blocks of questions are to be discussed during the seminar:

comprehensive legal regulation (on the national, EU, international level; soft law, codes of conduct and good practice).

The speaker: Līga Ābele /(LL.M), 8 years experience as a Legal Unit Head at the Latvian State Inspection for the Heritage Protection. While working, Līga has gained an extensive practical experience related to the legal protection of the cultural heritage, i.e. cultural objects. Līga has been solicited as an expert for drafting and implementing of legislative acts in the field of protection of tangible cultural heritage both at the national as well as the EU level. Līga has given lectures for various audiences on the legal framework for protection of cultural objects. Her Master of Laws is obtained at the University of Lille in France in urbanism, spatial planning, construction rights and environmental protection. Līga currently is a member of the French and Latvian legal expert group in a comparative research project related to the protection of intangible cultural heritage/;

situation in Latvia (market specifics, cultural objects' value formation, criminological aspects, problematic issues).

The speaker: Andris Kairišs /(Mg. sc. soc., LL.B), is invited researcher of Latvian Academy of Culture. For a long time he worked in law enforcement sector (analytical and information processing issues). Andris has extensive work experience in justice and museum field. He  is a manager of national research project “The identification and creation of an electronic catalogue of endangered Latvian archaeological artefacts” (2015-2016), co-author of the national research project „Improvement of solutions for reducing illegal turnover of cultural objects in Latvia” (started in 2013, on-going) and manager of international project „Improvement of record keeping on stolen and lost cultural values to promote the prevention of/fight against smuggling” (2009–2011). Andris is an author of a range of publications (published in Latvia and abroad) on solutions for protection of cultural heritage and law enforcement issues. He also gives lectures for controlling institutions and other audiences regarding identification and protection of cultural objects, and regularly gives reports at national and international conferences. Andris is a member of International Bar Association and European Association of archaeologists/;

modern artists’ rights (and the challenges posed by the digital knowledge society).

The speaker: Merima Bruncevic /(LL.D) is a researcher and senior lecturer at the Gothenburg University, Sweden. She is currently also working at the University Roma Tre in Italy where she is conducting her postdoctoral research on cultural property. Merima's doctoral thesis is called "Access to art and the legal concept of the cultural commons" and she recently published a book called "Modern Intellectual Property Law". She has an extensive experience as a legal consultant in complex intellectual property matters in the entertainment industry. Merima worked for a long time as Intellectual Property Manager at the Walt Disney Company in London, UK, as well as held various other legal posts in the music and film industries. She also gives lectures and writes for cultural events such as Gothenburg Film Festival and various art exhibitions/;

- managing of private art (authenticity, provenance, provenance check, guarantees).

The speaker: Vilte Kristina Steponinaite. /(LL.M) has more than five years experience in the leading law firms in the Baltics providing largest local and multinational businesses with number of solutions for complex contracts, intellectual property, information technology, privacy and data protection, advertising, entertainment and media law related projects across a broad spectrum of industries. Vilte Kristina consulted businesses in most significant mergers and acquisitions, advised and represented the clients before courts and competent national authorities in diverse copyright, trade marks, patents, data privacy, advertising and journalism law related cases. In addition, Viltė Kristina has an extensive multilayered experience in arts, cultural and creative industries and continuously provides advice on various art market related legal issues. She is an invited expert during art related transactions, provides legal advice both for galleries and collectors on art related matters including due diligence, mitigating risks, sales and acquisitions, related cooperation agreements and disputes/.

This will be the first training course in this field of law in Latvia, which is directly targeted at practitioners and practical issues.

The training course will give you a unique possibility:  

​​- to get acquainted with the legal field underexplored in the Baltic region;

- to get an insight into the legal regulation, as well as application thereof and case law in Latvia and beyond borders;

- to ask questions and participate in discussions with specialists in the field from Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

The training course is in English only.

The price includes course attendance, course materials, coffee breaks, lunch with speakers at the restaurant Rossini, as well as networking with a glass of wine at the end of the day.  

For the details regarding the event, speakers, price and “early bird” discounts please see the attachments or visit .  

​For further details and to apply please contact course coordinator Elina Strungrevica via e-mail or phone +371 67039256


Course curator

Attorney-at-law Irina Oļevska