Cultural heritage and art law: seminar no.2 for practitioners

09 May, 2017 News

Riga Graduate School of Law is organizing the second training course “Cultural heritage and art law: seminar no.2 for practitioners” on 28th September 2017. The course is to be 8 academic hours long.

You can see the feedback from the first training course, organized in January 2017, here:


Four blocks of questions are to be discussed during the second seminar:

FREEPORTS – Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property, Freports and Law: a Survey 

Bullet points of presentation:

  1. Freeports - a place of trafficking with cultural property
  2. Criminal phenomenon and its multiple implications
  3. Regulation, status, control
  4. Case studies


The speaker: Jean-Robert Gisler /(Priv. doc. Dr.) is an archaeologist dedicated to the protection of cultural property. He holds a doctorate and a habilitation qualification in Classical Archaeology from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, where he took on the duties of Assistant and senior lecturer after assuming the lead of the editorial team of the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC) in Basle over a period of ten years.

As president of the Swiss Association of Classical Archaeology (1993-1999) and of the Association of the Friends of the Antique Art (1997-2016) he had opportunities to raise awareness on the problems of archaeological looting. Until 2016 he was coordinating the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property at the Federal Department of Justice and Police in Berne and has been recently appointed as a UNO expert in this matter.

He is still actively teaching Classical Archaeology at the University of Fribourg and Berne. Jean-Robert Gisler was a member of ITTF (Interpol Iraq Tracking Task Force) and of the IEG (Interpol Expert Group), combating illegal trafficking of cultural property/;


RECOVERY OF STOLEN ART – Good Faith Acquisition: is this an Obstacle to the Recovery of Illicitly Traded Cultural Property  

Bullet points of presentation:

  1. Good faith: definition
  2. The notion of "due diligence"
  3. The good faith requirement in international and national law
  4. The impact of good faith on restitution claims
  5. Case studies


The speaker:

Alessandro Chechi /(PhD European University Institute, LLM University College London, JD University of Siena) is a senior researcher at the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva, and lecturer in Public International Law at the Faculty of Law of the Université Catholique of Lille.

He is consultant for the European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC) of the Council of Europe, reporter for Italy of the International Law in Domestic Courts-Oxford University Press project, and member of the Editorial Committee of the Italian Yearbook of International Law and of the Société international pour la recherché sur le droit du patrimoine culturel et le droit de l'art.

Alessandro is the author of "The Settlement of International Cultural Heritage Disputes" (Oxford University Press, 2014) and several other publications in edited books and journals. Currently, his main research areas cover international cultural heritage law, international dispute settlement, international organizations, and the law of international immunities/;


MODERN COPYRIGHT – Copyright and Collections in a Digital Age

Bullet points of presentation:

  1. Exception to protection
  2. Legal status of digitized copies
  3. IP rights on digital medias / tools producing the content
  4. Using participatory web


The speaker:

Yaniv Benhamou /(PhD and lecturer at the University of Geneva) teaches, conducts research, publishes and lectures in the areas of Intellectual Property, E-Commerce, Entertainment and Art Law. He is also executive director of the WIPO-UniGE Summer School on Intellectual Property and of the Internet Law Summer School.

In addition to his academic activities, Yaniv is attorney-at-law in a Swiss law firm, where he advises and represents clients before courts with regard to Commercial Law, in particular to Intellectual Property, Technology, Media & Telecoms and Data Protection.

Besides his legal activities, Yaniv is also involved in non-profit and cultural projects in the field of Art and Music/;


- AUCTIONS – Auctions. Instroduction for New Players in an Old Game

Bullet points of presentation:

  1. "Gaming" people in the art world
  2. Evolution of auctions and new trends for old houses
  3. Art works’ way from the old to the new owner; from the offering of guarantees to transfer of ownership through auction house and risks one should be aware of
  4. Baltic blue chip artists at international art market


The speaker:

Kate Zilgalve /holds an LL.M from University of Latvia and Postgraduate Certificate in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection from Association into Research into Crimes Against Art, Rome, Italy. Her academic researches have covered themes related to restitution of Latvian Cultural heritage lost in WW II.

Kate has gained professional experience in such world renown institutions as "Peggy Guggenheim Collection" in Venice, Italy and Russian Art Department of "Christie's" auction house in London, United Kingdom. During her stay in London she payed special attention to works from Latvian artists and collections appearing in secondary art market.

For more than 4 years now Kate has acted as a Managing Director of "Culture and Arts Project NOASS", that is one of oldest and best known independent art centers in the Baltic states, that works with international and local contemporary artists. Currently Kate is also consulting State Inspection for Heritage Protection of the Republic of Latvia on matters related to illicit it trafficking of cultural property and other crimes against art.

This will be the first training course in this field of law in Latvia, which is directly targeted at practitioners and practical issues./

The training course will give you a unique possibility:  

​​- to get deeper understanding of the legal field underexplored in the Baltic region;

- to get an insight into the legal regulation, as well as application thereof and case law in the Baltics and beyond borders;

- to ask questions and participate in discussions with specialists in the field from Latvia and Switzerland.

The training course is in English with translation into Latvian (with prior request).

The price includes course attendance, course materials, coffee breaks, lunch with speakers, as well as networking with a glass of wine at the end of the day.  

For the details regarding the event, speakers, price and “early bird” discounts please see: (!)  information and (!) agenda  


​For further details and to apply please contact course coordinator Paula Elksne via e-mail or phone + 371 28785615


Course curator

Attorney-at-law Irina Oļevska